What We Do

Random Bench is a film & television production company and creative agency.

In 2016, the company’s sixth independent feature film, action thriller EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH sold worldwide territories at Berlinale (US release 2017), set half hour comedy TEMP up with Happy Madison and Sony Pictures Television (the company’s second TV deal with a major studio) and began developing Jason Banker’s third feature film. In 2014 the company released FEED THE GODS. In 2013 the company released feature film TOAD ROAD in theaters in New York and Los Angeles and released feature film HEMORRHAGE widely on VOD.

Random Bench is a story driven company collaborating with gifted writers and directors on a variety of film and television projects. Company principals Liz Levine and Adrian Salpeter’s producing partnership is the culmination of a twenty year friendship and a decade long working relationship focussed on developing, nurturing and supporting creative thinkers, writers and directors. Predicating their approach to creative producing is the idea that their ‘art’ is helping those they believe in tell their stories. Liz and Adrian’s combination of skills ensure that a singular vision can be realized on time and on budget. This combined creative and administrative stewardship of a movie is what makes the Random Bench approach unique.

Focused on a slate of film & television projects and working with established and emerging writers, directors and content creators, Random Bench has built a solid reputation for developing, financing, producing and selling lower budget first class motion pictures that sell domestic and international territories at market and return on investment for their financiers.

As a Los Angeles/Vancouver based production company, Random Bench has long-standing relationships with key crew, unions, tax authorities, post production facilities and support personnel in the company’s production base of Vancouver, Canada. These ties to both LA and Vancouver combined with the historically low Canadian dollar make Random Bench an ideal production partner both fiscally and creatively.

Random Bench also houses an award winning boutique creative agency that executes top of mind print and digital campaigns for entertainment and corporate clientele.

Random Bench is the culmination of a friendship that began on a random bench between company principals Liz Levine & Adrian Salpeter.

The company is a US/Canada corporation based in Los Angeles & Vancouver.